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Basehor Hardwood Flooring

attractive hardwood flooringHardwood no doubt remains to be one of the most sought-after flooring materials in the market. Its beauty, toughness, and longevity make it an absolute asset to any building it lands on. Looking for a top-notch Basehor hardwood flooring company you can trust? You came to the right place.

A timeless material, hardwood can pull off classic natural vibes to elegant modern looks. It is even known to maintain its original aesthetic quality for generations up to a century—if treated properly. Here at Kansas Flooring Company, we are equipped with all the resources and expertise to ensure that your industry-grade hardwood floors are conditioned to last until its lifespan’s peak.

Our floor construction professionals are well-trained in the proper installation, finishing, and maintenance of authentic hardwood planks, ensuring that each unit is placed without room for error and damage.

Hardwood floors are a great investment for any building. They provide great functions, such as durable flooring without being too tough against the feet, as well as notable soundproofing and temperature regulation. With professionally installed and authentically sourced hardwood floors, your home or building can even increase in monetary value. Many property buyers are more inclined to purchase buildings with hardwood floors than other flooring materials.

Indeed, hardwood floors are one of the best investments you can make for your home. That being said, you can’t afford to compromise their quality. So for all your hardwood flooring needs, Kansas Flooring Company is here for you. We are a top-notch Basehor hardwood flooring company that you can trust to beautify and improve your home. Get those dream hardwood floors today with Kansas Flooring Company!

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Durable Hardwood Floors for All Kinds of Traffic

hardwood floorsGreat hardwood floors can withstand all types of pressure, including the lively movement of kids and pets, unwanted falling objects, heavy furniture and appliances, and the foot traffic from daily human activities. When it comes to the durability of hardwood floors, it pays to choose between its varieties according to wood type and structural design. In general, hardwood is a phenomenal material, but not all types might meet your exact needs and preferences.

Some wood types are more durable than others. Hickory wood is deemed to be one of the hardest types, along with maple and oak. Other good species include the exotic Brazilian Walnut and Brazilian Cherry. But if you’re looking for softer and more comfortable wood types, you can try out Cherry, American Walnut, Douglas Fir, and Pine.

The composition of the wood is also a significant factor in the durability of hardwood flooring. There are two main options: traditional hardwood and engineered hardwood. The traditional type is solid, pure wood material throughout each plank unit. On the other hand, engineered hardwood is composed of a combination of natural wood and synthetic material. They are typically more versatile, easy-to-handle, and economical than traditional hardwood but are also less durable.

The wide selection of hardwood types depending on durability can be an overwhelming factor. But don’t worry; here at Kansas Flooring Company, we are more than ready to provide not just technical services, but also our finest expert recommendations. We can help you decide the best hardwood durability solutions for your home.

Hardwood Floors in Various Styles

Basehor Hardwood Flooring hardwood 6 300x200Light or dark, smooth or rough, modern or classic—there are many variations of styles and aesthetics that hardwood can provide. The overall vibe of your hardwood floors will depend on the wood species you choose. Color, graining, knotholes, and mineral streaks vary from species to species.

Kansas Flooring Company offers a wide range of hardwood floors, from types with a light finish, such as Oak, Maple, Birch, Ash, or Bamboo, to darker ones, like Mahogany, Cherry, Ebony, Hickory, or Walnut. Our wood selection also includes options of modern and exotic vibes such as Brazilian Cherry and Brazilian Walnut. Our hardwood floor specialists are adept at determining the right type of wood that perfectly suits your taste and needs, and we are more than happy to provide you with our professional advice.

Other variations that we can apply to your hardwood floors include finishes and outer layers. No matter how durable floors can be, not even wood is immune to damage like dents and scratches. But the great thing about hardwood floors is that there are wood types that can be managed to look spick-and-span even when damaged by, say, falling heavy objects or scratches by pets. So if you are concerned with such negative impacts, Kansas Flooring Company can help you get rid of them in a stylish way.

Graining, especially in high amounts, is great at concealing unwanted dents, scratches, and other damages on your hardwood floors. It is a method of imitating the natural patterns on the surface of wood for several reasons, such as boosting the surface’s aesthetic or simply imitating the look of wood (for non-wood materials). Wood types that go well with graining include hickory and red oak. Other great methods to hide damages include applying matte or satin finishes and stain-resistant substances.

Whatever wood type you choose and whatever kind of damage they incur, we guarantee that we are here to give you professional advice and technical services to eliminate those imperfections.

Repair and Maintenance

Basehor Hardwood Flooring hardwood 8 300x200Aside from graining, Kansas Flooring Company is ready to provide our clients with high-quality repairs and refinishing services. Whether you need to repair several hardwood planks, small minor damage, or major problems from water leakage, you are welcome to enjoy our fast and affordable repair services.

Here at Kansas Flooring Company, we value how much convenience and service we can offer even after installing hardwood floors in your place. We make sure that all our products, from the hardwood planks and tiles to the finishes, will contribute to functional and cost-effective floors.

Adequate maintenance for properly installed and finished hardwood floors is as easy as sweeping, vacuuming, and dry-mopping. But most of all, if you have other concerns as your floors age, don’t hesitate to call our office. As your best Basehor hardwood flooring provider, we will be there for you for all your maintenance and repair needs.

Full-Service Wood Flooring Company

hardwood floor installationKansas Flooring Company offers the full set of floor construction services required for getting hardwood flooring for all types of locations, whether residential or commercial buildings. We provide all technical services, including installations, repairs, restorations, upgrades, finishing, maintenance, and handyman services. We also offer floor design and layout, consultations, customer support, and project management. For all your flooring needs, Kansas Flooring Company is the full package that you can trust.

Our floor products are only sourced from the best and most trusted suppliers in the industry. We make sure that they are quality-controlled to perfection. We don’t let damaged planks or tiles reach the homes and buildings of our clients. With Kansas Flooring Company, you can trust that the floor products you get are at their peak quality in durability, beauty, longevity, and functionality.

Our company employs only licensed floor construction professionals, ensuring the standard of workmanship and integrity according to industry standards. Our people have great work ethics, ensuring that deadlines are met, and the quality of the output is perfect to the last detail. Our floor experts are dedicated to providing the highest quality of floor construction services for all our clients.

Let’s Talk- Free Consultation

precision-hardwood-floors-logoIndulge in our state-of-the-art hardwood floors of many wood types, finishes, patterns, colors, and thickness levels. Get them with high-quality installation and construction services from Kansas Flooring Company, the best Basehor, KS hardwood flooring company in town. Our floor experts are ready for the efficient and flawless installation of your hardwood floors wherever you are in the city.

If you have more concerns, feel free to contact our company. We are more than happy to begin our business with a free consultation with one of our floor construction experts. We want to take all the necessary information from your plans, such as your budget, schedule, vision and desired specifications for your floors. We are looking forward to working with you!

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